How A Former Punk Rock Drummer Created The World’s Best Vegan Burger

Okay, after the official announcement that the best burger in the world is vegan the rise of meat-free burgers is very probably going to gain not only a new momentum but also an unprecedented popularity. Although the creator of the so-called “Superiority Burger”, Brooks Headley, still falls silent when it comes about revealing the miraculous ingredients of his masterpiece that make this burger hardly distinguishable from an ordinary burger, he is very much convinced that this is only the beginning meaning that people are going to start questioning their mindset that the deliciousness of burgers is inseparably connected to meat. This “gold medal” being awarded to a vegan burger is going to leave its footprints in people’s way of thinking because people started to go crazy about the taste.

“A burger in New York City has just been named the best in the world – and it is a vegan recipe!

We know. It’s mindblowing.

The famous $6 (£4) Superiority Burger, which has a fully vegan patty, has just been named the best the world has to offer by GQ magazine.

An impressive feat – and you know it’s going to be a controversial choice.

People have been raving about the taste and texture of the chunky nutty burger but no one knows exactly what’s in it – just that no cows were harmed in its making.

It comes sandwiched in a bun with iceberg lettuce and tomato on top, plus dill pickle and sauce.

The owner of the new East Village Superiority Burger joint, Brooks Headley, wants to keep his vegan burger a secret (who can blame him?) so he won’t divulge its ingredients.

going vegan health benefits

But he spoke to the Wall Street Journal about the rise of meat-free burgers.

‘I don’t need something indistinguishable from meat in order to feel like I’m eating a hamburger,’ said Brooks.

The former punk rock drummer-turned-chef said the act of eating a burger is not just about the patty and whether it’s beef or not.

‘The act of eating a burger is so iconic and so American, and it’s not just about the patty,’ he says. ‘It’s the squish of the bun, the crunch of the lettuce and the tang of the ketchup – there’s something primally satisfying in all that.’

What a hero.”



  1. Mindy Naylor Reply

    See this is what I find so confusing. Many vegan debates, on other pages, have argued vegans shouldn’t eat meals that mimic a meat dish (like tofu ‘wieners’, soy ‘sausages’, ‘tofurkey’, ‘chick’n breast’ etc.). I would totally order this vegan ‘burger’, it looks delicious!!!!!
    But the argument keeps coming up. ( I’ve been vegetarian for 32 years, vegan for a year). Thoughts?
    Or delete if not allowed…..

  2. Sarahjane Hogwood Reply

    I think your findy darling dad did lol 46 years sho – being a chef s d having a two year old who riuksbt eat sny meat products he made me the most amazing food – so sorry this title goes to my darling daddy – though in heaven now i still think his is the best x

  3. Mary Elliott Reply

    Fingers crossed, Rachel, I will be signing the lease on a shop in Bridlington to sell vegan and environmentally friendly products and teach yoga too…..will set up a Facebook page when I get the key…..thinking of calling it Veganwise Bridlington. There are some Facebook pages calling themselves vegan wise …..what do you think?

  4. Mary Elliott Reply

    Conner Hughes yes, I take your point. I suppose time will tell. I do want to reach out to other vegans….although not many in these parts, hoping people will travel and am planning some online selling. Am going to try and get organisations involved e.g friends of the earth, labour, greens, Greenpeace and use the environmental side to encourage people to go vegan.

  5. Lisa Lamberth Colvin Reply

    We choose not to be participants in the oppression and needless torture and slaughter of non human animals, not because we didn’t like the taste of animal products. If we can have cruelty free plant based alternatives, many of us are excited about that option.

  6. Kita Jojo Reply

    It’s in New York!!!! Tina Gray Nelly Nel Tiffany Garnett Stephanie Fortier Stéphanie CloutierAngela Miner !!!!!!!

  7. Lillian Lassen Reply

    I like bean burgers and beet burgers that dont taste like meat…a good sandwich is a good sandwich…and why do you care what vegans choise to eat…does it effect you at all…nope…people choose what they want to eat…pretty self e,explanatory

  8. Mary-Eddie Steuart Reply

    Went vegan for 12 years when my youngest was born and he is almost 25 now. Betsy Wilson you were my reason. Remember? The ice cream book? And the whole slaughtering thing? I would go back but I can’t go back .. Oh my. I really liked it

  9. Bob Mangarell Reply

    It came up on the happy cow app but had no clue they had the best burger in the world…….March 30th I’m eating that baby

  10. Brooke Ikeler Reply

    Superiority Burger in Brooklyn it’s tiny nowhere to sit and line is usually out the door so I would prepare to take it to go

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