Do You Like Salsa Gluten-Free Pizza?

If you have been looking for that special red hot chilli and gluten-free pizza that makes you melt away, then there is a good chance that today is your lucky day. Miriam created a salsa which is nothing short but magic. Very interestingly, she created that delicious pizza while she was experimenting her way to prepare a vegan pizza. And the result is outstanding.

“I think that by now, those of you who are familiar with my recipe repertoire, will know that I love a variety of different food. I am addicted to diverse colours and textures, satisfying mouthfeel, wonderful taste and aroma, anything else that makes the senses feel alive and kicking.

So, today is a gluten-free day – but everybody is demanding pizza, pizza, pizza from the Mouthwatering Vegan kitchen. I’ve been wanting to turn my hand to a gluten-free pizza for a while now, and this presented the ideal opportunity to experiment. I must say I’m so overlyjoyed with the result, that I felt I must share it with you. The salsa I created is magical, and from now on the base sauce for all my future pizzas will be endowed with this magic – hope yours will be too. Next time I’ll decorate the sauce with pineappe pieces – and the flavours will be even more contrasting ! Enjoy !

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1½ cups gluten-free pizza (I used Dove’s Farm Gluten Free Plain Flour mix)

½ cup brown rice flour

1 pack instant yeast

3 to 4 Tbsp (45-60 ml) extra virgin olive oil

a dash of agave nectar

a little water until it forms a ball (see recipe)”

To read the rest of the article, check it out on the original source over at Mouthwateringvegan.


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