Have You Ever Eaten A Mushroom And Zucchini Pie?

Wow…this is nothing short but amazing what Miriam has put up. This is the very first pie I came across that makes mushrooms and zucchini come together in a perfect combination. This pie is satiable, nutritional and delicious at the same time which can be served as a main meal or side dish.

“So yesterday I wanted to bake a pie fit for a king, as a long-standing friend of ours was due to have a late lunch with us – he is not vegan, but he loves my food. I must admit that this pie was rather exceptional – we all shared it, 2 large portions each. Yes, we over-ate because it was so very good. Puff pastry has such a character, and is the perfect carb to marry with the most succulent of vegetables, my choice being mushrooms and zucchini, because that’s what the fridge yielded. My young daughter loved it, she is a discerning eater, but if I get the thumbs up from her, I know I have a child friendly delight. Cooked to perfection, the afternoon was a wholly satisfactory one, and the result so good, I just had to share it with you all.

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1 pack puff pastry (I used Jus-Rol 2 x 320g sheets)


3 Tbsp (45g) extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp vegan margarine/butter, or refined coconut oil

1 small white onion, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

3 cups chopped fresh mushrooms

3 to 4 cups chopped zucchini/courgettes

1 cup plain vegan yoghurt, or equivalent – this would work with vegan cream too – or even cashew cream, made with ¾ cup of cashews that have been pre-soaked, added to the same amount (or a little more) water, whizzed in a processor until smooth, adding a few drops of lemon, set aside in the fridge, and used in the sauce as per the recipe)

Himalayan salt, or sea salt, to taste (around 1 tsp).”

 To read the rest of the article, check it out on the original source over at Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes.


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