Winfrey Challenges 33.5 Million Twitter Followers To Go Meat-Free

The people’s awareness of the horrible suffering of animals is increasing rapidly. There is no humane killing or cruelty-free treatment if animals are raised for the only purpose to slaughter them in the end. One of the most popular TV hosts, Oprah Winfrey, even admits that we are living in times where people start to question the way they had always been living. She titles this development in the mindset of people as a “wake-up” call. That’s why she urged her 33.5 million twitter followers to skip meat on Mondays. Of course, this is not enough. However, there are so many people who started like that and then never looked back again. Their meat-free Monday became the beginning of a lifetime vegan journey!

“After interviewing HSUS President Wayne Pacelle, Winfrey pledged to go meat-free on Mondays and asked her huge fanbase to do the same.

President of The Humane Society of the United States Wayne Pacelle appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show Super Soul Sunday this past weekend to discuss the connection of humans to animals. Winfrey credited Pacelle’s new book The Humane Economy: How Innovators and Enlightened Consumers Are Transforming the Lives of Animals for raising her awareness about the connection between animal suffering and human consumption. Pacelle discussed the “schizophrenic” relationship we have with animals, proclaiming to love them while continuing to exploit them for food, fashion, and entertainment. “We are in a moment—are we not?—where there is an awakening to a new way of bringing consciousness to how we treat animals around us,” Winfrey said. “Listen,” Pacelle answered, “we were asleep with our treatment of animals,” adding, “I think in the last five to 10 years, we’ve started to wake up.” Pacelle offered Winfrey advice on what small things people could do to have an impact on the lives of animals, telling her to go meatless on Mondays. After the show, Winfrey took to Twitter and urged her 33.5 million followers to go meat-free.”



  1. Stephanie M. Flores Reply

    Is she a vegan? Last time I remember her personal chef being interviewed when her trainer was at her home & she wears leather and cashmere. I think that she also eats meat. Great that she is challenging others but if she hasn’t already changed her diet then she should also

  2. Stephanie M. Flores Reply

    I know that but if she is encouraging it i hope she follow suit. I asked these questions because it’s a vegan page. So I’d assume most people on here would be vegan like myself

  3. Stephanie M. Flores Reply

    Good question and you is it she hasn’t lost any weight from using that crap. Sorry I’m a personal chef and dietician. I dnt believe in fad diets. Eat right workout and u will always be healthy

  4. Carlotta Ama Gli Animali Reply

    Some people take steps to get there. I was pescatarian for five years, now I’m vegetarian. I want to be vegan and I get closer all the time. While I was pescatarian, I tried to encourage all my friends to go meatless. No one listened, or so I thought. However, I met up with one of them a year later and she went directly vegan. She passed me right up.

  5. Stuart Huntoon III Reply

    I agree with Stephanie M. Flores. If she was actually vegan, it would be a stronger message than just doing an experiment with her twitter fans. However, one could argue that one day of Oprah encouraging her sheep to go meatless one day does more for the world than all 20 years of my veganism and 2 years vegetarian and 2 years pescatarian before that. I wish she would take a harder stance on it and do even more good, but we take what we can get.

  6. Stephanie M. Flores Reply

    I agree. I’m a new vegan so mayb i should just accept instead of trying so hard to change everyone around me and she is Hollywood so maybe she can make a bigger difference. I hope so. The McCartney’s started the meatless Monday campaign and that was yrs ago. Nothing has changed and I would say the beetles r more famous than Oprah. But I hope this makes and change and helps others realize the benefits of saving lives & their health

  7. Stuart Huntoon III Reply

    It usually lasts about a month then everyone forgets about it. I wish Oprah would go vegan so she could see the benefits herself and start sharing her experiences. I don’t think she is vegan but I think she goes through a week here a month there, which I guess is better than nothing. I can’t relate because once I cut something out, I can’t go back. It’s too gross! If Oprah experienced the repulsion most of us feel toward animal products, she might change more people’s minds.
    As a 20 year vegan though, I have found over the years no one ever goes vegan because they are told to, and if they do, they don’t stay vegan for long. The best thing one can do to make a change toward veganism is make comfortable choices you can stick with. Get into a good routine with healthy vegan foods and eat more vegan food rather than less meat. If you treat it with abundance, like there’s too much good vegan food to eat, you won’t have time to eat meat! That’s just how I’ve changed those around me that show no interest in the movement. They see my food and get jealous. Way better than the vegan pity party, telling people about the horrors of what they are eating while I’m gnawing on twigs and berries. The most militant vegans usually don’t last longer than 5 years in my experience.

  8. Brenda Sinsigallo Reply

    I agree…one day is not enough and people get a comfortable sense that they are helping and it excuses the other 6 days per week. Go vegan…it’s the only way

  9. Cathy Emerick Reply

    Weight Watchers is not a fad diet. They’re all about the right mix of foods, portion control and being active. You can be vegan and follow the WW program.

  10. Davy Beam Reply

    We challenge her to step into the debate about #BlackLuvesMatter, and to stop doing absolutely nothing but padding her bank accounts at the expense of others.

  11. Lia Bobieo Reply

    As we age beyond 20 years our bodies master antioxidant factors and ability to create digestive enzymes continue to change. The other varying factors to consider are activity levels, genetics and any conditional wellness. Once all of that is said, veganism or at least vegetarianism makes sense for most aging adults, if you don’t feel confident after those facts, then be certain, and ask any cardiologist!

  12. Stephanie M. Flores Reply

    No1 is alienating anyone. Wow people really do not understand what I am trying to say and have repeated myself several times. Just go on about ur biz everyone and allow me as an America to have my right to MY OPINION.. that is what my family and many others hve fought for. Thank u.

  13. Maureen Christine McCarthy Reply

    If she’s campaigning going meatless she should go all the way and get rid of the dairy as well. Dairy is acidic and causes inflammation and cancer. Oprah will do anything to stay in the loop where the current trends are headed. It be good for her to go vegan and get rid of processed foods as she has struggled with weight issues her whole life. If she developed an 85 percent RAW plant based diet and stuck with it she would never have weight issues.

  14. Monique D. VanBuren Reply

    It’s a struggle. I actually decided to become Vegan, cold turkey for 21 days on day 3. Once the 21 one days are up. I feel that I will only stop eating meat. Baby steps…. I feel the cheese products will get the best of me.

  15. Jessica Calvano Reply

    Well since Oprah has sheep then this could be a movement even for a day or week etc. look at Wendy Williams she is vegan now & has made a little impact bc influencing her viewers 🙂

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