Why Combining Black Pepper With Turmeric Multiplies Its Absorbability By 1,000 Times

If there has ever been a vegan food which was so powerful that it could not only prevent cancer but even fight it successfully, then it’s turmeric. Its anti-cancer properties are so effective that it even beats the efficacy of chemotherapy by 10,000 times. However, there is an issue that is linked to turmeric which is its absorbability. Unfortunately, it’s unusually low. So, although turmeric provides extreme health benefits in so many cases it’s very hard to take full advantage of it due to it’s low absorbability. However, the good news is that recent studies published in the Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Journal showed that combining turmeric with black pepper raises its absorbability by more than 1,000 times. This way, one could reap the full benefits of this extremely powerful vegan food not only to maintain health but also to fight several health issues successfully.

“Newest research has shown that the combination of these two powerful spices, turmeric and black pepper, can offer numerous health benefits.

Turmeric is a very strong herb with a wide range of uses. However, when consumed orally, this body cannot absorb the nutrients to the fullest, as it is very quickly metabolized in the intestinal wall and the liver.

Therefore, when combined with black pepper, you can enjoy all its medicinal properties. Namely, the black pepper can increase the level of absorption of curcumin for up to 200%. Their combination can prevent different kinds of cancers, infections and inflammations.

According to the findings of the scientists from the University of Michigan, this mixture can protect against breast cancer, and what’s more, it can even help in the case of breast cancer.

Apart from this, this combination can provide various other favorable effects, including:

Weight loss

The combination of turmeric and black pepper can be extremely effective in the process of weight loss. Additionally, black pepper is abundant in piperine, which is a thermogenic substance which can accelerate the metabolism and increase the number of naturally burnt calories. Some studies even suggest that this mixture can lead to satiety, which means that it acts as an appetite suppressant.

Lowers inflammation and reduces pain

The two active ingredients found in these two spices, curcumin and piperine, can have an influence on 700 different genes. Moreover, they can restrict the synthesis and entire activity of 5-LOX (5-lipo-oxygenase) and (COX2) cyclo-oxygenase-2, as well as the function of other different enzymes linked to inflammation.

Excellent against depression

These same active substances found in the ingredients of this combination also have powerful anti-depressant properties, which can substantially raise dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. Apart from that, they can prevent the activity of mono-amine oxidase, which, in high levels, can lead to depression.”

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