Mum-Of-Four Diagnosed With Cancer Refuses Conventional Treatment In Favor Of Plant-Based Diet

Definitely, it must have been a shocking surprise to Sarah discovering a lump in her breast while dancing joyfully in her mother’s home on December 3rd last year. However, it took until December 30 to know that this lump was due to Stage 1 breast cancer. The mum-of-four has been told to pursue conventional treatment ranging from radiotherapy to mastectomy or lumpectomy. But she decided to turn down these options in favor of a vegan diet. Instead, Sarah made up her mind to heal this disease by totally eliminating meat and dairy from her diet. “I’ve chosen the natural way to show cancer the door, pronto,” as she puts it. If, however, despite her adamant decision, dietary change should not work out for her, she would reconsider her decision. Read on to learn more about this touching story.

A mum-of-four with breast cancer plans to cure her illness with an alkaline-based vegan diet after turning down conventional NHS treatment.

Sarah Valentine noticed an indentation on her left breast as she danced naked in front of her mum Annie Herbert’s mirror on December 3 last year.

The 36-year-old was later diagnosed with cancer and offered either a full mastectomy or a lumpectomy, and radiotherapy, on the NHS.

However, she defied medical advice by declining both options.

Instead, Sarah, from Kent, says she plans to cure her disease through a combination of healthy eating, bitter almonds and purified water.

She has overhauled her diet to eliminate meat and dairy – and says she is “100 per cent sure” that her breast cancer is “emotional”.

“I’ve chosen the natural way to show cancer the door, pronto,” she said.

Cancer experts do not recommend alternative therapies – such as special diets – instead of conventional medical treatment.

They say there is no scientific evidence that a diet can cure cancer and that, in some cases, alternative therapies could be unsafe.

Never an unhealthy eater, Sarah, who lives in Bethersden, says she is now following an alkaline-based vegan diet.

She believes it will give her the best chance of beating the disease, which has previously affected numerous members of her family.

By slashing acidic products, meats and even grains from her daily menu, a typical meal for her now comprises seeds and vegetables.

Sarah plans to buy a costly vitamin C and sodium sultanate drip, to boost her intake and regularly takes iodine supplements and bitter almonds, a source of vitamin B17.

She also takes Golden Paste – a product made up of turmeric powder, water, oil and pepper – every day.

And she has invested in a £300 water filter, which she attached to her tap, to purify all her water.

Sarah said she hopes her extreme measures will reverse the progress of her currently Stage 1 cancer, which is made up of two tumours measuring 2.1cm by 1.7cm and 1cm by 1cm.

The mum, whose cable jointer boyfriend, Richard, 35, backs her decision, knows some people will think she is making a mistake in declining conventional treatment.

But she is adamant her decision is the right one.

“I’m a mum to four children – Jesse, 15, Poppy, five, Teddy, four, Billy, one,” she said.

“They are my priority and I am not irresponsible.

“This is not a diet, it is life and death.

“I think by feeding my body good things, it will have an impact. I’ve done a lot of scientific research into it.

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  1. Darren Ritsick Reply

    I wish her the best but veganism is not a cure for cancer. I’m vegan and I believe it is useful to help prevent/slow the onset/progression of certain conditions, but promoting a change in diet alone as a viable strategy for dealing with cancer is dangerous and stupid.

  2. Taylor Moore Reply

    met an older woman that went on an alkalized plant based diet when she had throat cancer because she saw her best friend, who also had cancer at the time, be destroyed by chemo. she rid herself of her cancer with her new eating habits <3

  3. Emily Yosh Reply

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Unfollowing this page! This is irresponsible on her part, and reprehensible for you to post it as though it’s admirable.

  4. Julia Moretti Reply

    I worked for a holistic nurse who worked with hundreds of “terminal” patients who lived many years by going vegan, exercising, destressing, taking the right supplements & detoxifying their home. And I’ve seen conventional treatment kill people way before the cancer would have while destroying any quality of life. So good for her.

  5. Anna N Reply

    I think chemo is not a cure. It’s at best an extension of life for 5 years. I have met quite a few people now who did reverse their cancers with whole food plant based diet with no exceptions and have cured their cancer so I think it’s worthwhile to try it.

  6. Annelise Stephenson Reply

    My daughter healed her cancer with a plant based vegan diet and herbs. She is alive and thriving. This mother is doing the best thing possible for herself and her family.

  7. Ashley L. Coates Reply

    I wouldn’t be brave enough to do that. My aim is a good mix of modern medicine when necessary (which is rarely) and a strong foundation of a good diet and plenty of sleep, water, and exercise. If I had cancer, I’d go for the chemo. Each to their own, though. No judgment.

  8. Amanda Scott Reply

    Actually, they made it very clear in the description that it was posted for the sake of receiving an input on our opinions, work on your reading comprehension please.

  9. Leisa Ruth Howes Reply

    I believe a vegan diet can help in the recovery from cancer and possibly prolong the life of cancer patients where there is no cure (I know diet is very important and have seen this close hand) but to forgo conventional treatment completely is foolish and not a decision I would take. I have been veggie for years and I’m now vegan but I don’t see myself immune from the risks of cancer. People who promote diet alone as a cure are dangerous and give people false hope. For the sake of my children I would take the treatment.

  10. Mitzi MacBain-McPike Reply

    What isn’t admirable about someone taking charge of their cancer treatment? It is admirable. Sounds like it scares you Emily hopefully you will never have to face this choice.

  11. Mitzi MacBain-McPike Reply

    Emily you are a fear based person showing no compassion towards this person and HER decision to treat HER cancer HER way. I admire and respect her. I will keep her in my prayers. She may have a full recovery, if that is her path. We are all here on earth to grow and evolve. Some of us have very long lives. Some of us don’t. It isn’t the length of time you are here that matters. It is the quality. My own mother died when I was 22 months old. I am now 53. Even though I don’t remember her, I have thought about her all my life. I have moved pass the pain/anger of never having a mother. I accept that in this life I was meant to learn lessons that have come out of that gigantic loss. Life is never black and white.

  12. Steven Ng Reply

    Can try hydrogen rich water. visit molecular hydrogen foundation for more information. Japanese is using hydrogen therapy for cancer patient for some time already.

  13. Monique Le Roux Reply

    Stage 1. Does that mean she has time to experiment a little. Guess it’s her business. She can get the rumours re-measured to see if the new diet regime is working. If no decrease, she can consider her options. Her life, her choice.

  14. Jackie Malinowski Reply

    Um it’s her illness, her body & her sound decision to treat it with diet instead of immediately pumping poison into her body to fight low grade cancer. Several studies have been done on plant based diets as treatment, including studies on high dose vitamin c. They have been down to be effective & have no side effects like chemo, but sadly for the cancer business, there’s no money in people healing themselves with natural food & vitamins! Regardless, it’s this woman’s choice & she has autonomy over how to treat her own body.

  15. Jane Connor Reply

    She shoukd take the treatment for the sake of her kids and go plant based for the sake of 1. Her ongoing health 2. The environment 3. Animals well being.

  16. Becca BF Reply

    A personal friend of mine has beat cancer without western cancer medication, her story is amazing and she had 4 younger children at the time. She has now been cancer free for 10+ years. She started with food as her medicine….

  17. Debbie Kinne Reply

    I believe in what she’s doing. I would do the same thing. Of course doctors want you to believe that the natural way is not the way to go. It hurts their wallets. I saw a video of a doctor who said chemo does NOT work 97% of the time. Chemo will kill you before the disease does. To me it’s common sense. Chemo is an acid and is poison. How can you cure a disease with poison?

  18. Debbie Kinne Reply

    But what quality of life? I wouldn’t want to feel tired and weak and sick everyday. You go through all that and then it shows up later in another place. Chemo is a joke. It’s just a money maker for the medical field.

  19. Heidi Napoli Menze Reply

    I think what she is doing is amazing! There is plenty of research and science out there that supports nutrition in healing and curing these diseases. So whoever wrote this is completely false when they said there is no evidence. Bs.
    I wish her luck and really wish we could hear about her progress and steps to defeating this.

  20. Heidi Napoli Menze Reply

    We are human, we all are allowed to have an opinion. Don’t restrict yourself of that right. A well researched person is 5000 times better than any western medical doctor in my eyes. At least a researched person is only looking for the truth, as oppose to the doctors, they need patients to pay their bills.

  21. Eleanor Benton-Gunn Reply

    Yeah I’m hoping this goes very well as it’s so high profile. If it did, it would probably speed up intravenous vitamin c as a treatment for cancer in the U.K., as it’s going that way in states already… there’s gotta be better options than facing infertility from chemo!

  22. Annelise Stephenson Reply

    I wouldn’t be brave enough to do chemo. The statistics show that one in three people who undergo chemo are dead within five years. Many cancer patients are killed by chemo related effects. When my daughter was diagnosed with cancer we were being harassed by oncologists to have radical surgery and chemo. We were alarmed by the statistics and chose to treat the cancer naturally, without any conventional medical intervention. It took one year of natural treatment to heal my daughter’s cancer. Not remission, but total healing. Chemo just can’t offer that.

  23. Annelise Stephenson Reply

    Exactly Debbie. People don’t understand what cancer is. Once they do, they will see that chemo is not the answer. I wish everyone commenting on this post would watch The Truth About Cancer series. That would give them a real understanding of cancer and how to treat it.

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