Hot Town Vegan In The Summer

Have you ever eaten such delicious vegan ice cream? Those recipes that Richa Hingle is telling about makes your mouth water before you even have finished reading the article. This is really an awesome way of making the hottest summer vegan-cool. You cannot help but trying them out yourself.

“You know whats essential in this summer heat. Some awesome popsicles. These Snickerdoodle pops are simple and amazing if you love cinnamon and all things snickerdoodle!

The base popsicle is blended coconut milk and sweetener. The snickerdoodle crumble is oat flour, oil, sugar and cinnamon. The crunchy crumble adds a burst of flavor to the popsicles. For variations use other spice combinations like cardamom+cinnamon or chai spice. 

The base ice cream is added to the molds and kept in the freezer for a few minutes so the mixture thickens, then the snickerdoodle crumble is added to it. Some of the crumble stays on top while the rest will start to move to move through the popsicle. Freeze completely and serve.”



Going Vegan Health Benefits




Going Vegan Health Benefits

To read the rest of the article, check it out on the original source over at Richa Hingle.

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