Why Vegetarians Should Go Vegan

Most vegetarians are not aware that dairy, eggs and honey are cruel and unhealthy products. They have not researched the wool and leather industries and they are ignorant about animal testing. In the following video, you will learn everything you need to know why vegetarians should also take it one step further and go vegan.


  1. Valerie Mitchell Reply

    I went straight from eating Animals to Vegan -immediately when the information and awareness was provided to me.
    I cannot understand why Anyone would hesitate- to Decide??
    If it takes that long ?? Do I need to say more??

  2. Rae Savage Reply

    I decided to turn vegetarian when I was a child and stayed that way for 20yrs. It was only last year that I began to question it. (Actually as a result of attending Kin 2015 run by the Vegetarian Society) I switched to being vegan in January this year and am so glad I did. Just wish I’d done it sooner!

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