Why Cancer Patients Without Chemotherapy Live 12 Years Longer

Last year in December, I grieved for a dear friend whom I had known since I was a child. He died of cancer. Before he died he had been undergoing a chemotherapy treatment like most of the cancer patients. Unfortunately, he believed what he had been told by the medical doctors that chemotherapy treatment was the only way to impede any further spread of cancer cells in his body. However, he died about six months later in terrible pain. So, in fact the chemotherapy treatment had been completely in vain. So, why do medical doctors, the health industry and even mass media advocate for chemotherapy as the only remedy for cancer? The answer might shock you: Because every single cancer chemotherapy treatment adds up to one million dollars profit. In fact, the cancer industry is one of the most profitable industry as it is a billion-dollar industry. Although alternative medicine provides the answers to treat cancer successfully starting with a plant-based diet, those answers are hidden from the public for profit purposes. The pharmaceutical industry is very well aware of the fact that the odds dying from chemotherapy treatment are significantly higher than dying from the impact of cancer itself. The New York Academy of Sciences Journal has published its groundbreaking research results proving that cancer patients who were not treated by chemotherapy tended to live about 12 years longer in comparison to those patients who used to undergo this therapy. Read on very carefully because this information could save your life and prevent you from becoming victim to the greed of gain of the pharmaceutical industry.

“Dr. Hardin B. Jones focused his studies on the issues related to cancer for more than two decades. His findings, eventually, brought some shocking conclusion. He once worked as a professor of medical physics and physiology at the famous Berkeley College, and spent more than 20 years of his life studying the effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients and analyzing their life expectancy.

He suggests that the only objective of the cancer industry is profit, which is shared among Big Pharma, doctors, healthcare facilities and other participants in this industry.  Therefore, whenever some patient accepts to practice regular cancer treatment, this whole industry profits.

The conventional cancer treatments consist of taking chemotherapy toxins in the system, radiating the body with ions or removal of certain body parts, or a combination of all methods, in a great number of cases. According to statistics, even those that scientists are ignoring or hiding it for some reason, chemotherapy is an ineffective method when it comes to curing cancer.

Dr. Jones states that most people suffering from cancer exposed to chemotherapy end their lives in great pain. Moreover, he believes that cancer patients who practice chemotherapy will most likely die faster and in greater pain compared to patients who have chosen any other treatment or have rejected to undergo a treatment.

In fact, Dr. Jones states that patients who don’t practice chemotherapy live about 12 years longer (on average) compared to those who follow this therapy.

As a result of his long research, he concluded that conventional cancer therapy reduces life expectancy and accelerates the deterioration of the system. Even though it is aware of this fact, the cancer industry ignores is as it is a billion-dollar industry. Mass media are covering up this because of their connections with the cancer industry.

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This study was published in the reputable New York Academy of Sciences journal. Its findings state that breast cancer patients that don’t receive chemotherapy manage to live four times longer compared to those who receive it, and patients who thought that chemotherapy is the best choice usually die three years after they were diagnosed with cancer, and in some cases, even after a month or two.

The American Medical Association Journal released another study in 1979 which showed that most of the popular techniques for treating and diagnosing breast cancer (and most of them are used nowadays as well), didn’t have positive effects in most patients.

Furthermore, the same conclusion was pointed out by two other studies from the period when the influence of Big Pharma was not that great. One of these was British and was published in the Lancet 35 years ago.

It has also shown that despite the fact that a growing number of patients have received chemotherapy, the survival rate of patients with breast cancer had not increased in the past 10 years.”

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