Have You Ever Experienced The Top 10 Benefits Of Super Foods?

There are so many plant-based foods that have an awesome health impact. However, when I read this article it was different from others. Those super foods the article is about are not even listed up. It’s rather more about the quality those super foods are supposed to have and where to find them. And when you find them you can expect to reap 10 health benefits that may transform your energy level and health status to an unprecedented level. Do yourself a favor and read it very carefully. It will be more than worth your precious time!

“Have you ever finished a meal and jumped for joy?

Or danced around your kitchen because you were just SO FULL OF ENERGY after eating?

If your answer is no, then keep on reading because I’m going to share a secret with you – and I guarantee that this technique will have you bubbling over with energy the first time you try it!

The secret is liquid nutrition.

It’s a concept I stumbled upon many years ago studying under one of the founders of macrobiotics, Cornelia Aihara. She taught me the importance of liquid nutrition in the form of slowly simmered stocks and broths (a Japanese favorite) rich in minerals and collagen. But since then, I’ve discovered various ways to take liquid nutrition to the next level.

I now teach my weight-loss coaching clients how to transform their meals, their LIVES, and their METABOLISM, using liquid nutrition in ways they’ve never imagined – and supplementing with laser-targeted vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that boost their metabolism even further.

I still use traditional healing bone broths and stocks regularly, but now I put just as much emphasis on fresh vegetable juices, smoothies, teas, liquid herbal extracts, power-packed sauces and dressings, and specific supplements to ramp up the energy in meals and help my clients make a quantum leap in their weight-loss.

The concept is simple. The more nutrition-dense your food is, the more energy you’ll get from it. The more living enzymes on your plate, the more LIFE in your body. But how do you get an abundance of nutrients and enzymes into your body without spending a boatload of money or slaving for hours in the kitchen?

It’s so easy, and guess what? It’s really fun, too…

It all starts with the right ingredients.

And really, the best and most POWERFUL ingredients to motivate you and give you the chizuk and motivation to jump-start your weight-loss – and feel great every step of the way – are SUPERFOODS.
What do I mean by SUPERFOODS?

What I really mean is going back to the original foods as they’ve always existed in nature – the foods that have the highest possible amount of CHAYOS – or life energy – and utilizing these powerful foods to their greatest potential.

Superfoods exist in two forms and on two “levels”:

1) There are the special foods and herbs that are as powerful as medicines. These are foods that have such high levels of specific nutrients and LIFE FORCE that they can be used in very targeted ways to do very specific, targeted things.

2) The next is about long-term, high level health maintenance. Once you’ve reset your metabolism and moved up to next level of optimum health, you can really begin to have some FUN! This is all about incorporating food preparation techniques such as fermenting and sprouting – techniques that take REGULAR foods and really TRANSFORM them into high-level superfoods.

Once you start add in these powerful foods you’ll be shocked at the energy and balance that they bring to your life. I want you to understand WHY this happens, so I’m going to dedicate the majority of this article to giving you an understanding of exactly why superfoods work.

Superfoods have the power to reduce inflammation in your body, cellulite, bloating, low energy – they are truly the secret key to unlocking the kind of thriving, vibrant health that you deserve.

It’s so easy – and really, it’s never been easier.

The only missing piece is INFORMATION.

I lost over 50-pounds without dieting and you can too if you pay close attention. Don’t allow yourself to get lost in the world of weight-loss. I’m here to SIMPLIFY the process with COMMON SENSE. Dieting does not create wellness and thriving health – high-energy food DOES!”

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